Workshop – Saturday 17th of August @11am – 1pm


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LOCATION: Delacombe Town Centre T20/315 Glenelg highway, Smythes creek.

TIME: 11am – 1pm Approx

Saturday 17th of August

Indulge your creative spirit at our exciting candle-making session! Explore endless possibilities as you handpick your preferred jar from our diverse selection and select from a range of captivating scents available that day. Immerse yourself in the art of candle crafting, discovering the step-by-step process of bringing your custom candle to life.

During this engaging session, delve into the intricate world of fragrances, unraveling the unique notes that compose each inviting scent. Gain invaluable insights into candle care, from the essentials of candle-making to maximizing their longevity and fragrance enjoyment. Discover the secrets behind optimal burning practices, ensuring every moment spent with your candles is a delightful experience.

Join us for an illuminating journey where creativity meets knowledge, and leave with not just a personalized candle, but also a deeper understanding of fragrances and the art of candle maintenance. Get ready for a hands-on and enlightening experience!

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